It is a blessing to have your interest in our Messianic Prophecy Bible and the salvation of the Jewish people.

Our timeline for completion of the Bible is a question we are asked regularly, so we will respond in detail regarding our completion date.

We estimate that completion in the next two years.  For us that seems like tomorrow with all of the deadlines that we have.

All of the Books of the Bible can only be worked on at the same time, and therefore we do not have dates as to when each specific Book of the Bible will be completed.  We have thousands of pages of research to edit/modify and our research continues.

We are not producing just a Book.  We are producing a Bible/the Word of God, and therefore not one letter or even a comma, can be out of place.  Where a comma is placed makes a difference in the meaning of a Hebrew word, and that is one of the discrepancies with English language Bibles concerning a Messianic Prophecy such as: Isaiah 9:6

If there are any mistakes within our Bible it will be discredited within a moment!  As you may know, the anti-missionary Orthodox Jews have arguments to disprove every “messianic prophecy’ on technicalities/and therefore this Bible must 110% accurate.

About a decade ago, Thomas Nelson Bible Publishers spelled a word wrong and they had to throw out tens of thousands of Bibles that were printed.  There were also mistakes in a Jewish New Testament.  Along with making sure that everything is 100% accurate, you must understand that along with all our explanations, the layout, translation, etc…. is a huge undertaking.  To create the Messianic Prophecy Bible, is not as simple as, just ‘adding’ notes.

We will need to spend about six months to one year in a beta version as our Bible is vetted out by hundreds of rabbis and Orthodox Jews who will make comments on our manuscripts before we release it to the public.  This again is not such a simple task, as it will take thousands of man hours to accomplish this.

We have a lot of material to cover and there are thousands of revisions in the editing process FOR EACH LANGUAGE.  Translating our English notes in Hebrew or vice versa is a monumental task.

This Bible will be scrutinized by every Jewish person and Rabbi that we give it to. When we think of the degree of responsibility for this undertaking, we have a sense of ‘fear’ when dealing with the Word of God.  It is a Holy project and a project that again must be and will be 100% accurate.

We are also working on technology which will allow this Bible to be translated into hundreds of languages on the internet.  Christian and Jewish communities will be able to comment and have discussions on each word, sentence, verse, etc….

Our ministry staff is currently working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, and we are working as fast as we can.

We work on a very small budget and each dollar goes a long way.  With other large ministries someone may be just a number, but the funds you are providing, makes a huge difference.

We can assure you that every dollar you give is going to produce a large harvest for the Kingdom of Heaven.  We know that it is the Lord providing through His sons and daughters as we pray to Him daily to provide for all of our needs here.

Many blessings to you in our Messiah Yeshua!