Why the Need for this Bible?

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Front page of a Lifeline newsletter
from Jews for Judaism showing
Rabbi Michael Skobak offering his audio recording, How to Answer a
Christian Missionary

At present, there is no Bible that can be used in evangelistic outreach to unsaved Jewish people that exposes the truth of the Messianic prophecies in a way that Jewish people understand and relate to.

Searching for the promised Messiah in any current Bible can be confusing for a Jewish person due to unfamiliar Christian terminology and the lack of explanation of the Messianic prophecies.

When a Jewish person goes to a family member or their rabbi for answers about the Messianic prophecies, they are told how Yeshua is NOT the promised Messiah, so they give up their search.

Add to this confusion the fact that for over 25 years, anti-missionary organizations such as Aish HaTorah and Jews for Judaism have been systematically attempting to discredit the Messianic prophecies and Jewish faith in Yeshua.

They publish anti-missionary materials with such inflammatory headlines as… Dealing with Missionary Tactics, Jesus Was Not Our Passover Lamb, The Missionary Menace, The Real Messiah, The Battle For The Jewish Soul, and Why Jews Can’t Be For Jesus.

It is clear that an accurately researched Messianic Prophecy Bible is needed to reach unsaved Jewish people.


Here are some samples of the kind of
anti-Messianic literature now being
distributed by the enemies of our faith.

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