Leadership Team


Department Directors

  • Chaim Goldstein  –  Communications Coordinator
  • Mike Fair  –  President, Board of Directors
  • Aliza Nesher Epstein  –  Donor Relations

What we do 

First and foremost, our mission is ministering to Jewish people with love and comfort.

“Comfort, comfort my people (Israel), says your God.”  Isaiah 40

Located in the Holy Land, the Bibles For Israel ministry is producing the first-ever Messianic Prophecy Bible.  

We educate Jewish people on the prophecies about the Messiah in the Tanakh (Hebrew Scriptures), showing the truths by defining the Messianic and rabbinical points of view.

Not only are we creating the free Messianic Prophecy Bible in print form, we are tirelessly working on the creation of free Bible software for mobile and computer devices. 

This free software will be used by everyone – from seminary students to Sunday school children in African villages,  and those who are scattered around the four corners of the earth.

Our Bible will reach millions of people in hundreds of languages, spanning all 257 countries and territories in the world.

We also minister to the spiritual and financial needs of the elderly, poor, and single parents.


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“For out of Zion shall go forth the Torah and the Word of LORD (YHVH)
from Jerusalem.”   Isaiah 2:3

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