What Will This Bible Feature?

A Sefer Torah

Special Features

Threaded throughout our Bible will be numerous articles on a variety of themes and topics.  Along with the Messianic Prophecies, we will have articles on:

  • Messianic Illustrations like the Akedah (Binding of Isaac) or the life of Joseph
  • Theophanies – times when God appeared in physical form
  • Themes like redemption, ritual purity, and deliverance
  • Word Studies and Phrases or Idioms that get lost in translation
  • Character Profiles found throughout the Bible
  • The Miracles
  • Stories of Deliverance
  • And so much more…

Other Features

  • Individual books arranged in the traditional order of the Tanakh (Hebrew Old Testament), making it more familiar to Jewish readers
  • Special sections highlighting fulfilled Messianic prophecies
  • Hebrew spelling of names with the English equivalent following
  • Notes explaining the archaeological, cultural, linguistic, and theological background of difficult to understand passages
  • Charts and summaries detailing Jewish historical, ritual, and doctrinal issues
  • Book Introductions giving time and place, major themes and outline

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