What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • Praying for the peace of Jerusalem, Amen!

    Godofredo Bartolome , Philippines

  • ...and so in Christ, The Kingdom of God prevails within each of His people, Israel be blessed always and forever in Jesus Name!

    R Turner , Australia

  • GOD BLESS The Jewish People with the knowledge of our Dear Lord Jesus Christ and may they be encouraged to read Isaiah 53 for themselves and know who Isaiah is speaking of...Love and Huge Hugs, Shalom X

    Rebecca Bonnell , United Kingdom

  • Bringing the gospel of Yeshua back to Israel (as you say) - For the suffering of The Messiah and the Peace of Israel. May the Lord multiply my tiny gift.

    Anonymous , Canada

  • Tithing, as Yeshua de Nazareth saith. Thanking God, and the Father in Yeshua's name. Shalom.

    Estrellita Burrow , United States

  • For a special occasion 9th of Av

    J Raja , Singapore

  • I am supporting this ministry because not only are they blessing the Jewish people who are God's chosen but they are also blessing me with they emails. Shalom J.Nunn

    Jen Nunn , Australia

  • I enjoy reading your emails they bring more understanding to the Word. My prayer is that all Israel be saved. D.Prince

    D Prince , United States

  • I support this ministry because I love God’s chosen people Israel and also the regions round about. It’s important to love God’s people as God loves us. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to support the ministry with a one off donation I’m very sorry I could not give you more, you are in my prayers and thoughts. Thank you for blessing me. W.Carlisle

    Anonymous , Northern Ireland

  • I’m excited to participate in reaching Yah’s people in this way. Praying for souls returning to Jesus!!

    Anonymous , UNITED STATES