What Our Partners Are Saying | Messianic Bible

What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ ?? ??

    Carroll Jones, United States

  • Thank you for what you are doing to reach our people whom salvation was preached to first by our Messiah Yeshua. M.V.

    M Valenzuela, United States

  • To Bless Israel

    Cristina Ang Adonay, Italy

  • I am really looking forward to studying this bible.

    R Nepple, United States

  • We all need to support Israel.

    Kathy Veum, United States

  • The Lord had blessed me to be able to give and I would like to give when I can.

    Anonymous, United States

  • I truly enjoy the Word of God through the lens of Christian Jews' perspectives at daily basis. Thank you for your faithfulness to God's and His words. May God's grace and peace be with your ministry. Yueh-Ling

    Yueh-Ling Lee, United States

  • I have donated, because I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and the salvation of Israel.

    K Lovett, United States

  • I am an Israel / Jew loving Gentile follower of Yeshua, who believes Bibles that help Christian better understand our Jewish roots are invaluable. Thank you for sending me your Bible so I can read it. I am currently reading (and loving) the Tree of Life Translation as well. Fundamentally the Christian faith is a Jewish faith, because all the promises given and kept were given first to Israel, and then extended to all nations. As Paul said, the Gentiles are grafted into the vine. Bless you all.

    Jeffrey Benson, United States

  • I have been grafted in! I want to be “close” to understand from the original tree ... what God has said. I love the Lord and love that we will ALL be together in eternity.

    Anonymous, United States