What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • It is my hope and my wish that all of Israel and all Jewish people still lost in the diaspora shall one day soon escape the persecution of man and begin their destiny of finally being allowed freedom to live out their lives as His Chosen - and that all those who have chosen not to believe shall be saved by His Grace through Faith in Yeshua as they come to the realization that He is their Messiah, the Conqueror of Death and all sin! Hallelujah! Many blessings to all at Bibles for Israel! Shalom!

    Michael Barlow, United States

  • Shalom and Toda Raba!!! Blessings in Messiah Yeshua!!! Asa

    A Swaim, United States

  • I support all Ministries that spread the reality of God the Father, Jesus the Son of God and His Holy Spirit. Every prayer and penny spent to open hearts for The Trinity of God will bring about Blessings from God to the receivers & the givers. Let\'s do whatever and whenever we can to lead all to Jesus.

    Sharon Lister Adams , United States

  • GENESIS 12:3

    J Roberts, United States

  • From me and my wife Christine. Shalom shabbat shalom!

    George Montoya, United States

  • I love children of "'I am that I am", I love to bless children of Elohim who is also my God.

    J Payne,

  • Shalom mishpacha!!

    Beau Bartel, United States

  • Shalom Shalom Jerusalem May peace be with you, Blessing to have the opportunity to be blessed , Lakmaee Canada

    L Wijetilleke, CANADA

  • To God be the glory and honor. This message of the kingdom has transformed my life, in so many different ways. To the Jews first, then the Gentiles. A Daley

    Angella Daley, Canada

  • Every knee will bow before the Lord one day. May I be of service to help His people be ready for that day. In His glorious name Yeshua, Kat

    K Roberts, United States