What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • God chose to bless the world through Israei by sending the Messiah, who came to be the Saviour of the world, both Jews and Gentiles. God\'s everlasting covenant with Israel still stands, and how wonderful it is for many to come to accept and now Jesus, the promised Messiah.

    Mike De Ridder , CANADA

  • I am looking forward to read the new Hebrew translated Bible for accuracy in its interpretation for better understanding of God\'s word.

    E Hostetler , UNITED STATES

  • Thank you and Shalom!

    Michael Bailey , UNITED STATES

  • I am happy with all the good work you are doing. I am enjoying reading everything and it is very educational. I wish the children in school could learn about Jesus and all the nice bible stories.


  • I need to study the Bible more & would genuinely like to know interpretation errors. These can really affect true meaning of Gods Word. Grateful I could help by my donation:)

    Kelli Horton , UNITED STATES

  • My heart and prayers are for Israel and I have been truly blessed by The Messianic Bible Project. Thank you for your comment and for sharing it with others. May God\'s continued blessings be upon you as you continue to serve Him.


  • I pray that the word of God shines through his people through Jesus Christ peace and love to all N. Dowdy

    Natalie Dowdy , UNITED STATES

  • According to Genesis 12:3 God blesses those who bless Israel. I believe what the Bible says and I also obey what the Bible says. It is my desire to be a blessing to God\'s chosen people.

    D Haynes , UNITED STATES

  • I work for wonderful Jewish men and I love them. I want to see them come to Christ.

    Steven Richter , UNITED STATES

  • I love the Messiah and my Jewish people salvation came through them and am very grateful to be a part of the family

    R Igbarie , United Kingdom