What Our Partners Are Saying | Messianic Bible

What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • For the people that need it, I know it\'s not much but its what I can give.

    Kyle Escamez, United Kingdom

  • May God be with you and I look forward to studying this bible.

    S Brewer, United States

  • Your biblical information shared is priceless! So valuable for study and retention. We all need to know more about the history of our religion, and messianic connections throughout the ages.

    Mike Wise, United States

  • Oh my Lord, do I know what it is to be bruised and beaten by God for disobedience!! It doesn\'t make me happy but I am happy God loves me enough to chasten me. Crucifying the flesh is so hard in this body of humiliation.

    E Scott, United States

  • God bless this ministry!

    Barry Brinser, United States

  • Bless the team working on the Messianic Bible in the name of Yeshua!!!

    S Smart, United Kingdom

  • “For Zion\'s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem\'s sake I will not remain quiet.\" (Isaiah 62:1) I believe that Yeshua is the Messiah.

    Lonnie Williams, United States

  • Bless Israel. K. Dilorenzo

    K Dilorenzo, United States

  • I just believe in what you are doing. I think the work that is being done is an important part of the evangelization activities that we are called on to undertake.

    David Heath, Australia

  • The menorah meaning and significance to you? Thank you for your Ministry.

    B Tristan, United States