What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • Looking forward to adding this resource to my library. I’m a church planting pastor in USA in inner city St Louis.

    Raphael Green , UNITED STATES

  • I heard this saying sometime when I was young and had no home. No family. No hope or self love left. I was a child raising a child in a broken ruthless world " To each one teach one and maybe you will reach one ". This saying has never left my mind and I'm sure is the only reason I have good left in me. I hope that at my times end that at the very least I maybe reached someone and played some sort of impact on them to also do the same for another.

    Anonymous , CANADA

  • The Good God Bless Israel from His Heavenly Throne. May Israelites be 100% saved for the glory of God, God bless Israel.

    Trimurthy Narayan , India

  • Our creator is righteous and wishes to redeem mankind to his way of living and restoring truth to our hearts.

    Anonymous , Australia

  • I pray that the whole world can live peacefully and have one religion where we all love each other. God bless you for doing this. I want to learn more about the bible and how it started. Sorry I cannot afford to give more B.Kenny

    Benadetta Kenny , UNITED STATES


    G Naoom , Canada

  • I believe that through Israel and the word of god a unification of Judaism Christianity and Islam all together under Gods Word is possible

    Nik Bukelis , Australia

  • Thank you for your nice and awsome Bibleteachings

    R Hartkamp ,

  • If you could give a big donation, Glory to the Lord, but if you can only give a small donation please do so because big or small will help to spread the Word and reach those that doesn't know Jesus. May the Lord open the doors of heaven and Bless abundantly each and everyone of you.

    Virginia Matias , United States

  • H.Cohen