What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • I love Isreal

    Samuel Komolafe , South Africa

  • My great-grandfather was German Jew. I have always been very pleased that I had that much Jewish blood. and yes I am a born again Christian and therefore I feel very blessed to have the Jewish connection. shalom and many blessings on your spreading the Messianic message

    Anonymous, Australia

  • Anonymous , UNITED STATES

  • I love Israel and the Jewish people my hearts desire is that they Accept Yeshua Hammachiac as their True Messiah and Know the Joy that only He can Give them.Shalom.

    D Van Den Berg, South Africa

  • I love The people of Israel and I believe in Israel's future

    Jeffrey Hicks , Australia

  • Free ? Where is it ethical to say free and require a donation. Blessings are given with reward not expected. Your work is rewarded by giving of yourself. Life is good...Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life...Life is good.

    Anonymous, UNITED STATES

  • J.Ramirez I believe in our lord and savior Jesus Christ , and I believe with all my heart that holy spirit is guiding me to give to your ministry. I pray that my new business allows me to grow and give more to the lord, everything belongs to the lord and as a child of God we need to obey and give. please pray for me that the lord give me wisdom understanding and be a servant to his will and God bless you, your staff and your ministry. AMEN

    John Ramirez , UNITED STATES

  • Better understanding

    Anonymous, United States

  • I look forward to my new bible,you will be sending me..Thank you and God Bless you in all that you so..Mrs. Moniz

    Dorothy Moniz , UNITED STATES

  • I made a donation so the message of Jesus and His sacrifice for our salvation is spread to all of Israel.

    Anonymous, UNITED STATES