What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • I love the word of God and I obey the word and bless the people of Israel all my life and pray that you reach the people in Israel with the salvation message that Yeshua is their Messiah. M.Kuflu

    Mesghinna Kuflu , United Kingdom

  • Thank you for all you do to further the word of God and his mysteries. B Leist

    B Leist, United States

  • I enjoy reading the Jewish Explanations of the Bible and pray for Israel. You people are really suffering under the hate of the world. I pray that our Messiah will come quickly now.

    Elize Pretorius , South Africa

  • May God our Father richly bless your lives and your ministry. Psalm 19:7-10


  • I found your project through the God in a Nutshell project. Thank you!

    Anonymous , UNITED STATES

  • Thank you for offering this Bible. I have been praying for Yeshua to show me a translation that helps me to see the real truth and gives more insight into Jewish culture. Oh how I wish that I could get my hands on some of the information in the Vatican. Much of the Christian heritage of history and insight into scripture of who Yehashuah really was is hidden. I pray that God helps us to get unadulterated scripture that we may see the true face of Yahashuah and thereby know the One True God. God bless you all for your work. May Israel light up with Yahashuah's glory and peace as the Truth becomes known. P. Renshaw

    P Renshaw, UNITED STATES

  • You are G-d's chosen! I am always thankful for your keeping your promises to G-d to keep His ways, so that He could fulfill His promise to bring Messiah through you! It is my belief that I am now "grafted in" to G-d's chosen ones through Christ Jesus! Sela! I am continuously thankful for the Jewish people who kept G-d ever before them, no matter of the horrendous treatment by others, no matter that you have faced annihilation efforts of others! You have kept G-d and He has kept you, and now my belief in Messiah has "grafted me into the vine." I am thrilled to do this small part for Israel.

    Claudia Grace , UNITED STATES

  • Listen to God! Give to Israel!

    Anonymous, UNITED STATES

  • Watch for Christ is coming again

    Anonymous , United Kingdom

  • I am praying for the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem and praying for the building of the third temple. S.Suit