What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • It is important to support Jews who are excluded from their community and family because they accepted Jesus Christ as their Messiah. God bless you for the work you are doing in His vineyard.

    Foluso Oyegbesan , United Kingdom

  • The bible states very clear that the Jews are the chosen nation, Israel is the Holy Land. Watching God's people suffering the way Jews in all countries and in Israel, makes one not to sleep well at night and every day of my life you are always in our prayers. And it shall come to pass in the day that Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou wast made to serve. ( Isaiah 14: 3) F.N Gcinisa GOD BLESS ISRAEL

    F Gcinisa, South Africa

  • "Believers who are poor should be glad that Yeshua considers them so important."

    Anonymous , CANADA

  • I love the Jewish people. I pray for them also.

    Anonymous, UNITED STATES

  • I want to be obedient to my Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit by loving His chosen ones, the Israelites of whom I am a joint heir by nothing I've done, but by our loving Father to graft us in to the True Vine. (C. Hitchcock)

    Cheryl Hitchcock , United States

  • El Señor Jesús viene muy pronto, quizas en estos días por su Iglesia. Bendecimos a Israel de todo nuestro corazón.... (The Lord Jesus is coming very soon, perhaps in these days for his Church. We bless Israel with all our heart ....)

    D Menchaca, Mexico

  • When you spoke about Jonah and that he didn\'t want Nenivah to repent ,I remembered how that I once prayed for a Mexican church in San Bernadino Ca to feel the beautiful presents of God and not be caught up in the hype of musical entertainment, and that I didn\'t really like or trust these Mexican people and I refused to be a part of the church, when ask by the pastor, because they spoke spanish in service not English and they all spoke English well. The pastor heard me pray for them and the Holy Spirit of God manifested in the service. They apparently had not been seeing this manifestation of God, and wanted him. He was angry when I told him no. When you spoke of the sweet beautiful nature of God, and how the Holy Spirit could not dwell with someone in a state of anger, it broke me , because I have known God this way. The beautiful spirit of God has come in and I can barely contain myself to write to you. Pray for me that he will stay with me. I know that there is no one like him.

    Dean Martin , UNITED STATES

  • God is love. His Word is truth and is eternal and NEVER changes..Jerusalem is and will continue to be the land of God\\\'s love.

    R Jenes, United States

  • God Bless

    Guy Thomas , UNITED STATES

  • As memebers of the body of Christ, let the heavenly blessings from The God via the Holy anointing Spirit pour out to Y\'Shua the Christ flowing and being fully shared by both believing/ redeemed Jew and Gentile. Amen!

    K Wang, CANADA