Introduction to our New Bible


Shalom, my name is Marty Verk and I am the Managing Editor of the Messianic Jewish Prophecy Bible.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your prayers and generous support to this ministry.

Some people have asked me why is another Bible needed?

Well, there has never been a Messianic Prophecy Bible with Commentary developed by Orthodox Rabbis and Jewish scholars along with Messianic and Christian scholars.

Not only are we developing a New English Translation of the Hebrew Bible that will be among the most Accurate translations ever, it will also have Commentary on the Messianic Prophecies which will bring the Messiah to life.

What is unique about our Bible and Commentary is that it is being written by both Orthodox Jewish Rabbis and Scholars who do not believe in Yeshua / Jesus – along with Messianic and Christian Scholars who do.

This will bring a greater depth of understanding to those who read it.

In my next video I will explain about the Commentary – but for now I am going to talk to you about our New English Translation.

There are many kinds of Bibles available. Each has its own pros and cons. Some try to be “word for word” while others are meaning for meaning which are also called paraphrase bibles.

Our Bible will be as close to Word for Word as possible, being as Accurate as it can be, while maintaining the meaning of the phrases and nuances of the day in which they were written.

Dr. Philip Noss, a consultant with the American Bible Society wrote Bible translation is never innocent. There is always motivation for translation, and inevitably there are implications and consequences to the act of translation.”

So, with this in mind we are instructing our translators to stick to the text. We want to do our best not to impose a bias or theological slant to the translation.

It isn’t easy, but I know this process will free our translators to be focused on the Hebrew text of scripture and not trying to prove any ideology or theology.

Our translators and commentators are PhD caliber scholars with backgrounds from top Universities in Israel and around the world.

It is a Miracle that we have Jewish Scholars who don’t believe in Yeshua as Messiah working with others [Christian and Messianic Scholars] who do.

As a FREE BIBLE, I hope that you will keep the Messianic Prophecy Bible Project in your prayers.

Please pray for those who are involved in Translation, Review, Editing, those who are doing Research, and those who are writing articles for the commentary, the administrative staff working behind the scenes – and please pray for me as well as I oversee this amazing work.

Again, thank you for your prayers and support and Shalom from all of us working on the project.