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Concrete Gaza-Israel Terrorist Tunnel Discovered

April 2, 2014

An Israeli farmer recently spotted the latest and longest-yet concrete tunnel from Hamas territory into Israel.


A concrete Gaza-Israel tunnel designed to inflict terror in Hamas’ war against Israel was recently discovered.  Such tunnels are likely built under the guidance of engineering experts.

It was the fourth found in the last 18 months.

The find occurred after heavy rains washed away the topsoil that concealed the concrete structure, which reaches almost half a mile (700 meters) into Israel.

An online statement made by Ezzeddeen Al-Qassam Brigades Information Office said that the find was not a major loss since “this tunnel is old and it was partially collapsed.”

It also emphasized “pride for the resistance men stationed underground and on the ground who prepared to defend their people and their cause until Palestinians get the victory.”

However, the Israel Defense Forces reported finding tools, generators and additional equipment, indicating that it had been used very recently.


Members of a Hamas terrorist tunnel unit work against time to finish digging a tunnel.  (YouTube capture)

The Jerusalem Post reported that the tunnel was built with about 24,000 concrete slabs delivered from Israel by the Israel Defense Forces “to ease the crisis in the civilian construction sector.”

“The tunnels we are inaugurating today are the new Hamas strategy in the war against Israel—the strategy of the tunnels,” said Hamas head Ismail Haniya last Sunday.  “From below ground and above ground, you, the Occupiers, will be dismissed.…  What the resistance forces are preparing secretly for the next confrontation with Israel is beyond imagination for Israel.”

Israel Defense Forces regards the threat represented by tunnels as serious, since they continue to be the staging grounds for future ambushes, kidnappings, and more.

“If as a result of an attack by fifty Hamas combats coming out of the tunnels, twenty-five people, among them children, will get killed in one of the Israeli villages close to the borders, that is going to be an event that will strike the Israeli society in shock,” an Israeli military personnel said.  (Time)

Gilad-Shalit-adbucted-Hamas militants-Gaza-tunnel-reunited-father

Gilad Shalit was abducted inside Israel in 2006 by Hamas militants via underground tunnels near the border with Gaza.  Hamas held him for over five years.  In the above photo, Shalit is welcomed home by his father (right).

In 2013, three other tunnels were discovered.

“The operational assumption is that Hamas and other terror organizations continue to tunnel and prepare points of attack against Israel and its civilians,” said IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner.

Tunnels are not the only day-to-day threat Israelis face.  Last Tuesday, the IDF found two explosives against the security fence on the border with Gaza.  They defused the bombs before they could cause damage.

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