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New LifeBEAM Hat is Latest Israeli Contribution to Smart Technology

November 25, 2014

“Abraham will surely become a great and powerful nation, and all nations on earth will be blessed through him.”   (Genesis 18:18)

An Israeli developer of bio-sensing technology called LifeBEAM, which has created technology used in the aerospace industry to monitor vitals such heart rate and blood flow for jet pilots and astronauts, will play a pivotal role in helping Samsung compete with the much heralded Apple smart watches.

LifeBEAM’s bio-sensing technology has been embedded in the new Samsung Simband platform and uses six sensors to measure heart rate, blood flow, skin conductivity (degree of sweat), skin temperature, and other information.  (Times of Israel)

“Together, we’re giving consumers the ability to collect, integrate, display and communicate accurate biometrics in real-time.  The wide range of applications in sports, health and medicine are very exciting,” said Omri Yoffe, CEO of LifeBEAM.

LifeBEAM also makes other wearable technology that connects to smartphones, fitness watches or cycling computers.

LifeBEAM created the world’s first smart cycling helmet.

LifeBEAM_Cycling_Helmet_Wearable Smart Technology_Heart Rate Monitor

The LifeBeam Smart Helmet sends heart rate data to most fitness tracking mobile applications. The technology has been adapted from the company’s aerospace industry technology.  (YouTube capture)

Another consumer product is a smart baseball cap with aerospace level heart rate, calorie consumption, cadence (walking rate and gait data) measurement, and other key metrics that are of concern to athletes.

The cap replaces the functions of chest heart monitors, wristbands, pedometers, and other devices. 

The biometric hat sells for $99, making it very competitive over other similar devices and even has a more feminine version for women who don’t like the idea of wearing a baseball cap.

LifeBEAM is just one example of how Israeli ingenuity is being a blessing to the world.  Other examples are the following:

  • OrCam’s glasses, which allow the visually impaired to read by verbally identifying words and audibly reading them to the wearer;
  • ReWalk, which allows the paralyzed to walk, climb stairs, and even participate in marathons;
  • Angel Sensor, a bracelet device that collects data on the condition of the body and sends it to a smartphone app;
  • MUV’s Bird, which turns any flat surface into a touch screen device by projecting light through its wearable ring-like sensors;
  • Meta’s 3D glasses, which allow you to interact with the world by overlaying your immediate view with virtual information holograms that you control with your hands;
  • HereO watch, which link’s your children to your smart phone so you always know where they are;
  • Modrillian Smart Strap,  a watch strap that discretely alerts you when you have a call or text;
  • Oxitone, a wearable pulse and blood oxygen monitor that streams health data to health professionals; and
  • Tempdrop, a wearable device that tracks body temperature for those trying to get pregnant, alerting them to the best time to conceive.  (No Camels) 
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